Julie * Haymarket, VA

“What I like most about working with Courtney is that I felt like she really took our transaction very personally.  She worked on it as though it was her own or her family’s transaction.  She was always available by phone.  She was very detail oriented and anything that would come up that was perhaps was a concern to us she always went above and beyond to make sure that the solution that was achieved was something we were happy with.  She just overall is tenacious.  She really will go out and represent you and fight for you if need be and if not just make sure all of the detail are taken care of. 

I would definitely refer Courtney and to my family and friend and in fact we have.  We not only personally have used her for two transactions but we have referred her to two other couples who have decided to either move within this area or move to this area and they have been very happy with the services they received from her.

In terms of Courtney going above and beyond for our transaction there were an occasion for both of the transactions that we used her.  The first one we purchased the property without even seeing it.  We were moving from the mid-west to northern Virginia and before we had ever even met her she was willing to go to the property and begin working on the contract and communicated with us very effectively over a long distance to make sure we could begin that transaction being that we had a very limited time to complete it.

In the second instance, we had very bad rain storm that came through the day before we were supposed to close.  She was willing to go to that property even though the whole area didn’t have power, she had her own property and children and everything to take care of she was willing to come and meet us there and make sure there was no damage.  All of the additional work that was required after that by the mortgage company didn’t phase her one bit.  She was right there every step of the way until it went to close and pushed the close as quickly as she could.  It just really speaks to her ability to understand everything that needs to be done with transactions and make sure that things are right not just completed and that in the end you have that everything you want and are protected.  She can take the emotion out even though sometime the buyer has the emotion she is able to take that emotion out and make sure that it’s a good transaction and that you’re going to be happy later on with the house that you buy or the house that you sell.

So if I had to pick one word that really describes Courtney it is tenacious.  She goes after every deal with her entire heart and soul and she is a business woman.  She is going to do what she needs to do to make sure the deal is done.”

Joe * Warrenton, VA

 “What I like most about working with Courtney is her attention to detail.  She is very meticulous.  She knows all the ins and outs of the industry.  Things that other people I have talked to don’t think about.

I would definitely refer Courtney to friends and family and already have.  We came back to Courtney after a couple of years.  We started looking and it didn’t work.  We stayed in touch with her and were happy to work with her again.

We were doing a sewer inspection and the price quoted was outrageous.  She got on the phone and talked to the person and even got the price down from what it was.  It was still expensive but she didn’t have to do that.  We could have been left to do that ourselves and she took care of us.

To describe Courtney in one or two words I would say exuberant and driven.  You can tell she loves her job.  She is not one of those people who waits for things to come to her.  She’ll push people right along to get results which is important especially with as fast as these things move in this day and age."

Angie * Gainesville, VA

 My Virginia real state agent Courtney Mautz is more than just an agent...she is an advocate, a motivator, a realist, a confidant, a wealth of skill and knowledge, a grateful hearted person, and she is a fabulous friend! We couldn't have come this far without her.

Who would have thought that a child's recreational activity would have blossomed into such an amazing business relationship and solid friendship...

We love our real state agent, we love our friendship!

Sabine * Haymarket, VA

“What I like most about working with Courtney is that she is always very professional, detail oriented and she has a lot of experience.  I would absolutely refer her to my friends and family.  If I had to describe her in one or two words I would say she is very professional and knowledgeable.”

Sharon * New Construction Sales Representative

I work in an office selling new homes and I know there is a really big difference between Realtors.  They can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t get the right Realtor.  I have seen it happen to friends and people in my family.  Courtney goes the extra mile.  Courtney is very unique and I refer her as often as I can to my customers because there’s not a lot of Realtors in the area that have as much passion and commitment to their clients that Courtney does.  She really seeks to give the best experience for her clients and I highly recommend Courtney.

Beth * Warrenton, VA

 “I like working with Courtney because she is very personable and easy to understand and she puts things in terms to make someone like me who knows nothing about real estate she explains it very well so you understand what is going on as this is a big event and not just a small purchase.

I would definitely refer Courtney to friends and family and in fact we have.  Other people we know who are purchasing houses and have problematic experiences we say, Hey, we know someone who is really awesome and you should really check her out.

Courtney always goes above and beyond and she is always working really hard.  During our home inspection period there was a situation where we wanted to have our sewer line scoped and it was really expensive.  We got Courtney on the phone and she worked out a deal to get us a discount to make it easier on us. . . .”

Corey * Warrenton, VA

"I have known Courtney Mautz outside of Real Estate since 2009. In 2013, when it came time to need an Agent – she was the first person I thought of.  I knew she would do a good job, I just didn’t know Courtney would exceed all of my expectations when it came to buying my first home.  Courtney is more than knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of the buying and selling process. She is very prompt and responsive when returning phone calls and emails- She treats you like her only client and her number one priority.  Courtney has made the stressful and confusing process of buying my first home a delight.  A year later – when I had given up the hope of finding a home, Courtney has cheerfully stuck with me. She reaches out and checks in with me just to see how everything is going on a personal level – if she finds a home out there I might be interested in she proactively sends it over. I may not have found my dream home yet, but I have found my dream Real Estate Professional!" 

Alan and Alden * Haymarket, VA

"Courtney is a professional, courteous, hard-working, and knowledgeable Realtor.  Her personable demeanor and keen interest in providing us the support and guidance we needed truly helped lead us to our home.  Courtney has client interests at the forefront of her mind and is dedicated to her profession.  We had an exceptional experience with her and highly recommend her to others looking for Realtor services."

Kevin * Clifton, VA

"When we began the process of finding a home, we had the unpleasant experience of working with two horrible Realtors. They did not have the time or dedication it took to assist us with the purchase of a home.  It was such a pleasure to find Courtney Mautz. She did an outstanding job representing us in the purchase of our new home in Clifton, VA. Courtney guided us through a very difficult resurging Virginia market. When it felt like we would never purchase a home, Courtney reassured us that the process would work itself out.

You will be amazed at the detail Courtney provides in her charts and spreadsheets on each property of interest. Her knowledge of the contract process was second to none. I was also very pleased with how much knowledge she had regarding the inspection process and the cost of repairs/renovations.

Do yourself a favor, sit down with Courtney and give her the chance to represent you. You will NOT be disappointed!"

Scott and Stacie * Bristow, VA

"We had the pleasure of first working with Courtney several years ago when she assisted us in finding a home to rent. When we were ready to begin the home buying process again, we did not hesitate to contact her . Courtney took the time to meet with us to go over the process, listen to our needs and quickly identified homes that met our criteria. With her strong business networking, she was able to refer us to several professionals who are essential in the home buying process. Courtney always provided a thorough market analysis, and an honest, professional opinion which helped us make the best possible offer on our new home. She definitely went above and beyond her responsibilities as a Realtor and her dedication to exceptional customer service was evident throughout the entire process!   She is the epitome of professionalism and her ability to connect to her clients on a personal level is unmatched. Not only did we trust her with our family’s real estate needs, we referred a friend who experienced the same quality service.   She is truly one in a million!"

Nicky * Manassas, VA

"With the sale of my first home, Courtney made the process very seamless and easy to comprehend.  She explained every detail to me and was very helpful with her expert knowledge. She is a top-notch professional and was very responsive when I had questions.  I would highly recommend her to any person looking to buy or sell a home; and will use her in the future if the opportunity arises."

Casey * Dallas, TX

"I reached out to Courtney when looking to buy my first home. I was naÔve about the process despite my good faith efforts to be prepared. Courtney was patient, thorough and above all ethical. She was candid with me about finances, and I never doubted that my best interests were her priority. In the end, I ended up having to relocate due to work and was not able to purchase a home through her because of geography. When I thought I had to start over, Courtney went above and beyond. She not only interviewed several agents until she found someone she felt would be a good match but she continued to answer my calls and e-mails throughout the purchasing process when I need reassurance. I canít say enough about Courtney and have highly recommended her to friends and family without hesitation. Every referral I have sent her has been equally satisfied with her professionalism and character. If you choose Courtney Mautz as your Real-Estate agent you can be assured you are in the best of hands!"