Why Harrington Homes, LLC . . .                

Harrington Homes is based on the inherent concept of the foundation of the United States of America:  anything is possible - including land ownership.  

We too easily forget how hard we have fought for this right and how important it is to the identity of each and every American.  Regardless of what you may hear in your daily lives,land ownership still represents the cornerstone of the American dream.  It is the uniquely American concept of which neither birth order nor whether born male or female will determine your destiny or your role.  Each day I wake up grateful knowing if born a woman, it is in no finer place than America. 

For it is here I am able realize my passion for real estate and embody the ideals our founding Fathers came here to pursue.  Home ownership is important and this is why it is my goal to make sure each and every one of my clients receives the ultimate professional experience the real estate process demands to achieve success when buying, selling and investing in real estate. For me, this also means I represent only one party during a single transaction as I believe this is in the best interest of my clients.   I can truly advocate for only one side at a time properly

. . . . so put me to work for you today!